The latest book by Dr Ian Hale.

 New English author writes ‘pocket encyclopedia’ on Autism and Aspergers.

Former  Filton and Bath College lecturer Dr Ian Hale has written a startling new book on Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome which provides an information-packed, illustrated, pocket-size “must read” encyclopedia for anyone with an interest in or connection with the subject. “The Insider’s Guide to Autism and Aspergers” is available now as an e-book from Amazon uk,, Barnes and and iTunes.

This innovative work is a simply written Guide, avoiding jargon, to all areas of the Autism Spectrum including Asperger’s. It uncovers the history of these conditions and includes many famous examples of Autistic and Asperger achievers including Isaac Newton and Temple Grandin. It is full of anecdotes from the author’s professional and deeply personal experience as an Autistic “Aspie”. It is by turns enquiring, witty, mysterious, eye-opening, dark and ultimately hopeful.

The short, easy-to-read yet authoritative format is for everyone affected by, giving care to or diagnosed with an Autism condition. It fills a critical void in the canon of Autism literature, providing Autistics, professionals and parents with best practice standards for screening, assessment, diagnosis and education, while revealing and de-mystifying fascinating information about medicine and health in general.

While explaining the history of Autism, its insights, theories and conclusion are based on the latest research from many disciplines, backed up with famous examples of Autism throughout the ages. If you want to experience and understand the world through the eyes and ears of an autistic person; this is the book to buy.

About Ian Hale

Dr Ian Hale is from Bristol, England and achieved his teaching license at the former Bath College of Higher Education and subsequently a Master’s degree from Bath Spa University. Between those he worked at BathCollege for some years, gaining experience across the curriculum, including the Special Education department. Now after further studying both medicine and genetics, he has now written the groundbreaking “The Insider’s Guide to Autism and Aspergers”.



One thought on “The latest book by Dr Ian Hale.

  1. National League American Pen Women-Nashville Branch

    Dr Hale,

    Your Book is greatly written with immense knowledge and information to help people around the World better understand
    Autism and Asperger’s. This book gives a in-depth look into this World on Autism in which you speak to help Educate and transform
    peoples thinking so they better understand, and expand their knowledge through your great works. Your a great inspiration to so many
    people around the globe. Through reading your book in one of the Chapter’s pertaining to the use of “Music” to help Autistic children is so
    profound and encouraging.

    We support the Arts, Music, and Writing field, and Educational system for Children of all greed’s and backgrounds.

    National League American Pen Women-Nashville Branch, Tennessee


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